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Based on many years of experience working with business development and the development of innovations, we have established that it is often difficult for those who need financing to find the right offer and to submit good applications.


This means that many funding organizations receive both incorrect and incomplete applications, which only lead to burdensome administration, which in itself affects other applicants through long processing times. We can state that this ties up time and capital that delays and hinders innovation.


Financing service is a smart solution which means that you only get the right candidates through a simple and selective search process and that it is made clear which requirements and prerequisites must be met before they apply. You avoid unnecessary and incorrect applications and save time and resources.


The financing process


  1. You enter a number of search criteria that the applicant must fulfill in our search database. You add a link to your offer on your own website.
  2. The applicant searches for matching financing and those who meet the requirements come to your offer.
  3. The applicant fills in the correct application and you free up resources.


Financing for various needs

Funding Service is a matching service where inventors, researchers and companies with new innovations are helped to quickly and easily find the right capital and financing.

Pre seed


Funding of verification and development of ideas into functional prototypes.



Funding for start-ups of companies around new innovations.

Early growth


Capital that may be needed when the company has started and needs to expand.

Expansion kapital


Expansion costs money and may be needed in case of growth and e.g. large order intake.

Mature growth


Financing of companies that are growing and need to scale up their operations.

International expansion


Capital for expansion in new markets and for new products and services.

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