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For those who want to develop a successful innovation!

Are you creative and have an idea or invention?

The innovation school teaches you how to solve problems, test and develop your ideas into a possible successful innovation

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years of innovation experience

From an idea to innovation ...

Do it properly from start!

An innovation is important as it leads to people having a better life or not having to struggle with various problems.


When you have an idea/invention, you need to test and verify it so that it can be prepared for the market as quickly as possible and become an innovation.


Get help and guidance to develop an innovation faster and easier.

Idea phase - Learn how to solve basic problems and test and verify that your idea is unique and has potential

Invention phase - Learn how to solve basic problems and test and verify that your idea is unique and has potential

Exit phase - Choose whether you want to sell, license or start a business around your unique innovation

Start your 5-steps innovation journey now!

The innovation school teaches how to follow the innovation process step by step:

Find a



What problems do you see needs to be solved?


an idea


Develop a theoretical solution to the problems

Develop a



Build an invention and show that it works

Protect the



Protect your invention with patents, design etc

Choose an



Do you want to sell, license or start a business?

For more innovations faster!

For creative people and organizations

Innovationssupports innovation school offers a innovation program in 3 steps for creative people and companies that simplify and speed up the development of innovations.

Is your idea unique??


Before you invest time, energy and money in your idea, you need to check if someone else already had the same idea.

How does the market look?


Great, when you have a unique idea, you need to research who needs your idea or invention and if it is profitable.


Develop a prototype


Only when you have a unique and profitable idea, is it time to develop a working prototype.

Protect your idea/invention


Learn how to protect your idea/invention from theft, copying, etc. during development through agreements, patents, design protection, etc.

Sell or license?


Learn how to protect your idea/invention from theft, copying, etc. during development through agreements, patents, design protection, etc.

Support & helpdesk


24/7/365 support for verification and idea and inventions development as well as discussion groups, FAQs and webinars.

More innovations in 3 steps

Innovator service is one of the innovation school's innovation programs which, in 3 stages, supports the creative development process of ideas and inventions into innovations on the market.


Step 1 - Certified Problem Solver


  • Verify the problem
  • Test your idea
  • Research the market

Step 2 - Graduated Inventor


  • Develop a working prototype
  • Verify function and efficiency
  • Protect your idea/invention


Step 3 - Graduated Innovator


  • Prepare for the market
  • Sell, license or start a business


Innovation service is based on sustainable development in order to more quickly produce sustainable ideas and inventions that can be developed into innovations.

Common questions and answers

Here are some common questions and answers about the innovation school's innovation program.


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    Who can use this? 

These programs are developed for:


  • Creative people who have ideas but don't know what or how to do them
  • Inventor
  • Innovators
  • Researcher
  • Engineers
  • Companies of all sizes and operations
  • Organizations within the state, regions and municipalities

i.e. everyone who has an idea.

    What is a innovation program?

An innovation program is a specially developed program to stimulate innovation and which is based on increasing the speed and flow of ideas that can be tested and verified and then developed into innovations on the global market.

You will find the following features in an innovation program:


  • Certified online training in the innovation school with information, videos, checklists, templates etc
  • Innovation tool with matchmaking features
  • Good advice to avoid common mistakes
  • Safe Innovation for protection during your innovation process
  • Discussion forum for support and advice
  • FAQ with frequently asked questions and answers

    What does a diploma mean?

In the work to develop innovations, we have among other things identified that there is a lack of professional knowledge, innovation quality and protection of rights. We have therefore developed several processes to increase the quality of both the people and the ideas that are developed during an innovation process.


Diploma of competence


  • Certified Problem Solver has an assured knowledge and ability to solve problems
  • Graduated inventor can develop a working prototype, design or system that demonstrates an improvement compared to other solutions on the market
  • Graduated innovator has an ability and knowledge to solve a problem and bring the solution to the market
  • Certified innovation coach leads the company/organization's work to stimulate and develop innovation at all levels

Certification of processes


  • A sustainable problem means that, among other things, it starts from the root cause
  • Sustainable idea means that there is no similar solution on the market
  • Sustainable invention shows that the invention solves the problem in a better way and is repeatable
  • Sustainable commercialization is when everything is ready for launch
  • Certified innovation company works with 5 steps to develop more innovations faster

You read more about each part under our different innovation programs.

    How does it develop innovations?

Innovationssupport has identified that there is a lack of an independent intermediary, which helps people with ideas and companies to develop innovations.


Innovationssupport has developed the platforms, concepts and innovation programs that are available in our systems. This means that we ourselves do not actively participate in the development of innovations, but are responsible for operation and development of systems and content.


This means that we do not directly participate in the development of your idea/invention/innovation, but instead indirectly convey knowledge, information and aids. We also mediate and monitor when you hire collaboration partners via our service portals. You thus receive the direct help of the suppliers registered in these systems.


It is our members who constantly contribute to the development of the content of our systems and programs. This means that everyone wins from this collaboration, which favors the development of innovations.


Innovationssupport is also the party that assists in the event of doubts, conflicts and irregularities between different parties, in order to obtain an independent assessment.

    How is my idea/invention protected?

Innovationssupport's innovation programs are essentially digital, which naturally exposes them to a number of risks. We have therefore only published publicly known information in our innovation programs and will never ask you to upload information or data about your idea/invention outside of our highly encrypted systems (we use military grade encryption systems).


We have instead chosen for you to download and print e.g. checklists that you use and store locally with you.


In addition to this, we are part of the global protection program Safe Innovation, which works to prevent and intervene against infringements of intellectual property rights. Safe Innovation includes, among other things, a handbook with checklists included in your membership.

    Does it work in my mobile phone?

All online portals, innovation programs, innovation tools, etc. are fully responsive, i.e. they work in smartphones (iPhone/Android), tablets, PC, Mac, etc.

Learn how to test and develop your idea free of charge!

Learn now!

Test and develop your idea - Free of charge!

Innovationssupport support creative people and organizations to develop more innovations faster

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