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Prevent theft and infringements of your ideas and innovations!

Are you afraid to loose your creative ideas?

Prevents and counter thefts and infringements of intellectual property

A global protection program!


Theft, piracy and infringement of intellectual property rights and copyrights impose huge costs on owners, society and the public. Millions of jobs and billions in value are destroyed by the activities of these illegal activities.

The costs of IP theft, piracy and intrusion are estimated at:

✓ $5 trillion in global value of counterfeit and pirated products.
✓ Theft of intellectual property costs $225 to $600 billion annually.
✓ Over 40 million jobs in the US come from intellectual property intensive industries.
✓ 38.2% of US GDP comes from intellectual property intensive industries.
✓ 21.7% of US CFOs believe their company has been a victim of intellectual property theft.
✓ 44% of the confiscated goods are fake watches and jewellery.
✓ The average cost of defending a patent lawsuit exceeds USD 3 million.
✓ The EU loses over 1.2 million jobs.


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The Safe Innovation program

International Innovators have developed Safe Innovation as a global protection program to create a safer and fairer innovation environment for people with ideas, inventions and innovations. Innovationssupport is connected to Safe Innovation in all programs and systems.

Innovationssupport support creative people and organizations to develop more innovations faster

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