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In the work of developing an innovation, many skills are needed, which are usually lacking in people or companies and organizations that want to develop innovations.

Specialist service is a unique matching service, where these creative people, companies and organizations can search for the skills and experience they lack to develop their innovations.


Specialist service is a service where you, who are a specialist in innovation and business development, can register.


Specialist service is overseen by Safe Innovation, which is a global program to prevent and intervene against the infringement and theft of intellectual property rights.


All suppliers are evaluated and assessed based on their:


Knowledge - The supplier is assessed on the basis of its knowledge in the current area of ​​innovation.

Ability - The supplier's actual ability to contribute during the innovation project is assessed.

Service level - The supplier is assessed based on its service ability to assist and assist with the innovation project.

What specialist competencies are you offering?

Specialist service is a matching service where creative people and companies find unique competence in various specialist areas.

Innovation coach/leader


Ensure the development of innovation through a coordinator who understands the innovation process.



Do you need one or more creative people who think outside the box?



Research tests and verifies unbiased results and improvement effects of innovation.



Enlist the help of engineers for technical development and problem solving.



Programming of system solutions and apps for technology-intensive innovations.



Drawings, CAD and design of documentation, prototypes, websites and marketing materials.

Patent attorney


Protect your valuable innovation with patents, design protection, trademark protection and copyright.



Ensure that good agreements protect both development, starting a business, partnership etc.



For startup, organization and sales, competence, experience and sales knowledge are needed.

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