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For those of you who offer competence and resources!

For those of you who offer competence and resources

Partner programs for those of you offering skills, manufacturing or financing

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Are you a specialist?

For you who work as a patent attorney, entrepreneur, researcher, programmer or designer and want to find customers

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Are you manufacturing?

For those of you who manufacture prototypes, pre-series or want to offer full-scale production solutions

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Offers financing?

For those of you who offer financing and investments and who are looking for interesting innovation projects

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years of innovation experiences

Effective innovation requires multi competences ...

Help others develop innovations!

Developing an innovation is extensive work that requires a good basic idea, many skills, time and capital. Most lack these resources in their operations and need the help of various specialists, manufacturers and financing.


Innovation support has developed various partner programs to support the development of more innovations faster and more efficiently.

Find customers - Offer your services and solutions to creative people and organizations that develop innovations

Ongoing quality control - A supplier is continuously evaluated in order to weed out unscrupulous actors who inhibit innovation

Safe innovation - Is an international protection program that helps protect valuable ideas, inventions and innovations

Supports the innovation journey!

Help others step by step during the innovation process:

Find actual



What problerms needs to be solved?


an idea


Develop an theoretical solution for the problem

Develop an invention


Build a working invention that prove functions etc

Protect your idea/invention


Protect the invention with patent, designs etc

Choose an

exit model


Would you like to sell, license or run a startup?

1 - Safe Innovation


Everyone who registers in our programs and systems signs an agreement on Safe Innovation, i.e. to fulfill the ethical and moral rules required to create a safer innovation environment for all parties.


Secure intellectual information eg ideas and inventions during development, meetings and demonstrations

Prevent theft and trespassing through good binding agreements and wills

Protect sustainable inventions with patents, design protection and trademark protection

Intervene in the case of break-ins and thefts

Development through ongoing investigation and implementation of new methods to prevent infringement and theft of IP


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2 - Quality control


All suppliers who participate in an innovation process are evaluated and assessed based on their:


Knowledge - The supplier is assessed on the basis of its knowledge in the current area of ​​innovation


Ability - The supplier's actual ability to contribute during the innovation project is assessed


Service level - The supplier is assessed based on its service ability to assist and assist with the innovation project

For more innovations faster!

Innovationssupport support creative people and organizations to develop more innovations faster

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