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Would you like to develop more innovations faster?

Smart and efficient innovation programs!

Supporting creative individuals and organizations to test, verify and develop innovations faster

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Having an idea?

For those of you who have an idea, which you want to test to see if it has the potential to become a successful innovation.

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More innovations?

For companies that want to increase their growth and profitability by developing more innovations faster.

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Helping others?

For you or those of you who work with helping others develop ideas into innovations on the market.

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years of innovation experience

Covers the whole innovation process ...

From problem to innovation!

Ready-made innovation programs for those who want to learn how to solve problems to launch a fully developed innovation on the market.


An innovation program includes information, course videos, checklists, templates and support features to help you develop more innovations faster.


Learn how to develop innovations and how to avoid common "traps".

Learn how - Simple innovation programs that teach you how to test, verify and develop an innovation

Smart systems and support - Smart matchmaking systems and a self-learning support help you when you need support and advice

Protect your ideas - Safe Innovation is an international protection program that helps you protect valuable ideas, inventions and innovations

Start your 5-step innovation journey now!

The innovation school teaches you to follow the innovation process step by step:

Find a



What problems do you see needing to be solved?


an idea


Develop a theoretical solution to the problems

Develop a



Build an invention and show that it works

Protect the



Protect your invention with patents, design, etc

Choose an



Do you want to sell, license or start a business?

For more innovations faster!

Innovation resources

Innovationsupport's innovation school offers certified innovation programs and innovative tools for creative people and companies that simplify and speed up the development of innovations.

Innovator service


Helping creative people who want to test and develop their ideas and inventions with advice, checklists, videos, etc.

Innovation service


Supports entrepreneurs with stimulation and development of more internal innovations by staff, customers and suppliers.

Innovation tools


Smart tools that simplify the matchmaking of problems, ideas, specialists, funding, stakeholders and innovation brokerage.

Service partners


For specialists, support organizations and stakeholders working to support the development of innovations.

Innovation partners


Help other companies stimulate and develop more internal innovations and mediate innovations between companies.

Support & helpdesk


24/7/365 support for verification and development of ideas and inventions as well as discussion groups, FAQs and webinars.

Choose your education!


For creative people


For innovative businesses

Smart innovation tools

The innovation tools give you the opportunity to both quickly and easily find problems, ideas, specialists in various fields, funding and fully developed innovations, etc.


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Problem service is a matching service between real problems in companies and organizations and the collective development potential of creative people, companies and organizations.


For problem owners


In Problemservice, you who can publish what we call sustainable problems, where others can help t

o fully or partially come up with suggestions and solutions to the problem. It will be like your external R&D department.


For problem solvers


Are you an inventor, innovator, engineer, researcher, a general creative person or a company that likes to solve problems? Maybe you already have a solution to the problems others are posting here? Regardless, your creative solutions are important to those who have problems.


Read more under the respective acceleration programs.

    Idea service

Idea service is a matching service where creative people and organizations that have sustainable ideas and inventions can be found by incubators, companies, researchers, students or other people looking for interesting development projects.


For those who have a sustainable idea or invention


Idea service is the solution for you who want to see your idea/invention develop but lack:


  • Time
  • Knowledge of technology, materials and manufacturing
  • Qualifications eg electricity, turning, welding
  • Capital
  • Can or have the health

Idea service is also developed for those who want to bring in a partner early on who can assist with knowledge, experience and capacity in design, design and functionality.


For those of you looking for ideas and inventions


Registered ideas and inventions are matched in the interest service where interested companies are contacted.


Read more under the respective acceleration programs.

    Interest service

Interest service monitors, verifies, matches and presents sustainable ideas and inventions as well as market-ready innovations to stakeholders who have registered their interest.


Interest service is a matching service where you can register your interest in various industry areas and in which innovation phase an idea/invention is in. Interest service is manually linked to idea service and exit service for security reasons.


Read more under the respective acceleration programs.

    Specialist service

Specialist service is a matching service where creative people and companies find specialists and manufacturing in different areas of innovation.


For those who are looking for a specialist


You will find various specialists who are rated so that you will receive good services and service in e.g.:

  • Research
  • Programming
  • Design/CAD
  • Patent attorney & design protection
  • Lawyers
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sale
  • Inventor
  • Manufacturing (Prototypes/pre-series etc)

For you who are a  specialist


As a specialist, you register in our specialist service where you receive assignment requests from companies and creative individuals.


Read more under the respective acceleration programs.

    Financing service

Finansieringsservice is a matching service where people with sustainable ideas and inventions as well as companies can easily seek capital and funding.


For those of you looking for capital and financing


Search and find the right capital and financing within:


  • Seeded
  • Startup
  • Early growth
  • Expansion capital
  • Mature growth
  • International expansion

For those of you who offer capital and financing


Finansieringsservice helps you get good applications through a simple and selective search process and that it is made clear which requirements and prerequisites must be met before they apply. You avoid unnecessary and incorrect applications and save time and resources.


Read more under the respective acceleration programs.

    Exit service

Do you want to sell or license an innovation?


About 65% of worlds inventors and innovators state that they want to sell or license out their finished invention/innovation and continue to develop new ideas and inventions. Exit service helps engineers, researchers, inventors and innovators, etc. to find buyers, licensees and business partners at startups.


Note: Registration in Exitservice requires that mediated inventions or innovations are completely ready or already on the market. This means that you have developed a functioning end product, service or system that is new and unique and provides a proven improvement effect in comparison to other solutions on the market. You learn in the innovation school how to develop a sustainable invention/innovation.


Read more under the respective acceleration programs.

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